Cartooning is often 5% planning or less, 5% black magic, and %80 balance and proportion. Yes, it’s a facetious approach, but I adhere to the adage: “If it looks wrong, it is wrong.” Balance and proportion are a big thing…
Cartoons are more forgiving than photo-realistic drawings. But still, if the result does not come across as being aesthetically pleasing, or balanced, you can bet your right sock the design is going awry somewhere. Even within the confines of stick figures, this truth applies.
Small increments in changing a single line can improve the entire look/feel of the piece.

This is how I often start a Three-quarter view:
It’s a “W” of sorts.

Then, let’s fill in some details:

The cheek did not look quite right:
I refined the angle…

The last part is creating a balanced look for the hairstyle, making the zoomed-out view look ok.
What I do, is to take the finished piece, then I zoom in, zoom out, and rotate it.
Often, glaring inadequacies pop out when you just change the way you view it.
Regardless of flaws, I liked the end-result:

Happy doodling