When will anyone ever be ready?

I’ve been practicing to draw my MC for some time now, and yet, I feel I’m not nearly ready to go for that graphical novel.
By the way, why not simply write “main character” instead of MC?
I’ve been noticing this on social media.

Here’s the next subsequent question:
“When will anyone ever be ready?”
The first few chapters have been written.
So, it’s just a question of stitching together the visuals an words! Yeah, it’s as simple as that!
No pressure!
On the other hand, If I laboriously create one panel a day it might work!

Now, before I sound like a wallowing baby, I will admit that I’m thoroughly enjoying this self-inflicted “draw your character each day” project.
It’s a lot of fun. Don’t shed too many tears for my struggle!

Anyway, enough about this, how is your Sunday going?

Have a great day,

Saturday colour

It seems Saturdays will be my go-to time for delivering some colour.
After a week that was fraught with tension, strife and anguish I managed to gather mind, body and soul together to create another colour sketch.

How was your week by the way?
I exaggerated slightly. My week wasn’t all that interesting, or terrible, but often it takes a weekend for the creative juices to flow into one coherent pool.

Have a great Saturday,

Another shoddy one!

This is how it’s going to be.
Some days the sketches will be terrible.
But that’s just how it is.
My “drawing the same character each day” project never stipulated how “good” each sketch had to be.
It’s a bit of a Yin-Yang thing I suppose.
How do you recognise the bad ones if you can’t compare them to the better ones?
Or is it the other way around? ☯

Until tomorrow,