The monochrome maiden vs. some colour!

It’s been a few days since I started “re-learning,” or even “re-inventing” my own cartooning style.
Yesterday someone asked, “what was wrong with it? The old style?”
That’s just it.
I didn’t feel anything was wrong, but not all was right.
An interview with Neil Peart, the late world-renowned drummer from the band Rush inspired me as well, a few weeks ago.
Why would one of the world’s best drummers decide to take lessons again at a mature stage in his career?
I’ll leave you to go and research that answer for yourselves.

So why would a cartoonist, who has been drawing his whole life “start from scratch?”
Maybe there’s this easy answer: “Why not?”
But nonetheless, only through continuous growth will some be able to recapture the elusive concept of “joy.”
I guess I’m one of those.

Right. That there was the philosophical component of the post.
What do you think of the colours?
Do you maybe prefer the B&W version?

Have a great weekend!
Until next time!


It’s taking some shape!

This pose didn’t quite look right!

The maiden fixes her hair after a vicious battle!

Today I felt energised and did another sketch.
I’m busy with a project: Drawing the same character each day.
This  video  started it all. if you have a few minutes to spare, give it a spin.

This pose was incredibly tough for me, whereas the previous one seemed quite easy in comparison.
But nonetheless, the maiden survived the initial battle, and in between savage fights she took a well-deserved breather in order to fix that pesky ponytail!

Thanks for stopping by to check up on my progress!

Much love

The initial rough drawing was way too muscular. But I whittled it down to proportions that better suit the warrior princess.

Drawing the same thing every day!

Some of the best advice I’ve recently heard:
There’s no sense in laying the foundation for 10 houses, but not completing one of them.
That’s where I am now.
I feel I need to cement one style, and get down with it to such a degree that I can regain a certain level of artistic confidence.
For the unforeseeable future I will draw the Warrior Princess who is still to be named.
I’m building one house for the time being.
The Princess might not be happy with being equated to a house, but that’s fine, she’s a survivor.

Character design is tough for me.
These exercises are therefore an exorcism of sorts.
I’m getting rid of a certain subset of fear.
So often I’ve dipped into the creation of slightly more anatomically correct-cartoons, only to lose confidence after a while.
And here’s the kicker.
Once you’ve lost that confidence, you lose the enjoyment associated with creativity.

There are errors contained within these last two efforts, as there were in the previous ones.
But I’ll leave them as is.
This is the way to improve: Creating something new each day, and allowing the past efforts to be what they were.
This is my DIY project. I’m just not sure what I’m building yet.
Bear with me, keep on watching, scroll past, or stay tuned for where this might lead.

Much love