[Parenthesis] Fast artwork that’s not too furious!

Our regular programming about the never-ending rebooting universe will continue a bit later.
This could be like those commercials we had on TV, waaaaaay back before streaming took over.
Ok, no… Wait. There are still commercials inside some of the videos we like to watch.

Anyway. I’m digressing.
Here’ some fine miniature-automotive art.
My wife got it for me in 1/18th scale, because I’m a self-confessed die-cast addict!
This is an “art” blog after all.
I find it interesting, because the artist had to take the form of the car into consideration.
And this makes for an interesting canvas, in my opinion.


When fear is the teacher…

Fear certainly exists.
It’s a legitimate emotion. It’s just as valid as “joy, happiness, or sadness.”
Removing fear paves the way for getting rid of other human emotions, what will you kill off next? “Contentment?”
I propose seeing fear as a teacher, one of many teachers you will encounter.
You can learn from fear.

Fear is part of the human condition, and attempting to remove the idea of fear could also be detrimental to your art as a whole.

Rather see fear as that teacher whose class you might wish to skip on certain days, you can decide how much time you want to spend inside that classroom.
There’s also nothing wrong with feeling slightly rebellious when you don’t attend fear’s latest session.
On the days in which the proverbial sunshine is luring you to go out and be adventurous, then just do it!
Slip out through the window at the back, knowing that you conquered fear, at least for the time being!
And then draw a comic about it!