Gentlemen prefer Warrior Princesses!

I never watched the movie “Gentlemen prefer blondes,” but I always loved the iconic poses and imagery from Marilyn Monroe’s movies.
The Warrior Princess looks quite fetching in a typical Monroe-esque dress.
But there’s always that ubiquitous question, where does the sword get hidden?
Fortunately the heroic lass is very resourceful, and she doesn’t need cold steel in order to defend herself.

Have a great Friday,

When the sword is mightier than the pen!

Today’s installment of the “draw your character each day project” featuring the intrepid, inimitable and savage, yet beguiling Warrior Princess.
Here are some of her words of wisdom regarding that indispensable weapon for melee battles: The trusty sword!

“A blunt ceremonial sword is safe, and therefore the most dangerous thing you can carry into battle.”

“Never fall on your own sword. With proper training, you can cure your clumsiness!”

“Some say the pen is mightier than the sword, but when the ogre in front of you is wielding a sword, then the sword is mightier than the pen!”

Anyway, those quotes by our delightful warrior girl really cut to the chase.
Some would say it’s a slice of life!