Nils, the creator of Hakkumtown is an “artist’s artist.”
He produces a prolific output with seemingly effortless skill.
The subject matter includes speaking animals and observations about our life and society in general.

There are subtitles for those who aren’t fluent in Norwegian, but the comics still have universal appeal.

And then there is the artwork!!
Nils is a master of perspective and keeping his comics fresh with interesting angles and compositions.
he manages to convey a lot of ideas, context and detail through his expert execution of each panel.
The art is also reminiscent of the golden age “Archie” comics.
The drawings are fluid, the characters are expressive, detailed and appealing.
The strip is also instantly recognizable as being “Hakkumtown.”
Occasionally I come across excellent artwork that doesn’t have an immediately apparent individual style etched onto it, despite it being technically brilliant.

Nils Petter Smeby creates art is unique, fun and often thought provoking!

This is one of my favorite strips from his Instagram output: