The words from Sarada Gray’s poetry e-book resonates with me!

Some of her dystopian subject matter fits in nicely with the sci-fi themed montage of absurdity I call my website.


Sarada’s work evokes pathos, sadness, and a fair amount of cynicism.

Occasionally her verse appears playful, but belies serious undertones!

She tempers everything with well-crafted language and ideas.

Not once did I get the idea that this was someone wallowing and complaining— No, just like me she’s an observer.

Please be sure to check out Sarada’s website, and I’m sure you can contact her should you wish to receive details for getting your copy of her e-book.


A few extracts from her writing:

A Martian Sends an Email Home

This planet is not as it appears to us. 

Under the blue dome 

it is brown and grey with only splashes of green. 

The quadrupeds fear the green and rush through it at great speed.


This is a fun take on our obsession with automobiles but still paints a stark picture of the modern commute and an ailing planet!


I have seen larger predators capable of swallowing fifty at a time. 

They hold them in two stomachs, one above the other. 

They, too, fear the green spaces and do not travel across the blue though others do.   


16th Birthday 

The message is self-evident.

Your life is almost over 

your pre-school years and ten

start saving for the surgery 

you’ll need for getting men 

the candles that you’ve wished for 

are burning at both ends  


These are powerful observations

about a bleak and dismal loss of youth. 

This is also my favorite poem.


Thanks for sharing your work Sarada, I enjoyed it immensely!