“Reality” bites. And it chews, swallows, burps and spits…

My first, and only, “traditionally-published” cartoon strip was called “Reality Bytes.”
It premiered in a teen magazine around 1995 and ran for a few years.
Now, when I think back, I realize how many challenges were present in producing the monthly strip.
I did everything on paper.
Then it was copied, and colored with Pantone markers.
Damn, those were expensive!
Afterward, it was all scanned and sent via mail.
On occasion, some strips had to be faxed.

Now, it all seems “easier” as far as reproduction, among other things, is concerned.
The original strips back then had to fit into a 7 x 3-inch block.
And often, the comic’s colors and details were reproduced terribly.
But at least that makes me appreciate the technology we have at present.

I’ve opted for the vertical scroll format because that favors mobile phones.
Would you have preferred these comics to be on a horizontal “newspaper-style” layout, or are you actually quite indifferent about it?
Even a side-by-side 4 panel layout might often be problematic on smaller screens.
Instagram circumvented this with a swipe mechanism.
But I’m old-school. I’m not always fond of resource-intensive pop-up image displays.
Personal choice, s’all.

I also think 9 panels are among the longest single stories I’ve ever told.
But then again, in the bigger scheme of things, the universe isn’t all that fussed about the number of panels used for advancing a narrative?

Until later,

The brew that pulls you through…

Coffee isn’t everyone’s cup of tea.
That’s understandable.
Also, within the confines of universal logic, coffee isn’t intended to cure, or alleviate any conditions.
Nor can it transform the perception of any construct between transitional-fragments of a general universe-reboot.
Within a rebooted universe, the wine, as well the coffee-snob is seldom transformed by default. Eventually they might morph into connoisseurs though.