The cartoons woke me from a deep sleep…

They called out to me, saying, “we’re still here.”
So yeah.
I can’t just ignore them forever.

I’m going back to focusing on drawing the stuff I’ve always done.
The writing projects will continue as well.
But I guess I need to stop fooling myself, I need these creatures in the back of my mind.

This has got to be the most fickle website in the world.
But hey, at least it’s honest. And it’s all “me.”
If that’s worth anything.

Here’s a few  re-releases: A blast from the past to get the ball rolling.

Much love,



[Parenthesis] Fast artwork that’s not too furious!

Our regular programming about the never-ending rebooting universe will continue a bit later.
This could be like those commercials we had on TV, waaaaaay back before streaming took over.
Ok, no… Wait. There are still commercials inside some of the videos we like to watch.

Anyway. I’m digressing.
Here’ some fine miniature-automotive art.
My wife got it for me in 1/18th scale, because I’m a self-confessed die-cast addict!
This is an “art” blog after all.
I find it interesting, because the artist had to take the form of the car into consideration.
And this makes for an interesting canvas, in my opinion.